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Our Story

Our Story

The Seattle Fire Foundation was created by a group of civic activists out of a desire to make Seattle a safer and more livable city.

As a downtown Seattle resident, founder Debbie Steinhauer witnessed firsthand the challenges firefighters face: battling fires, responding to medical emergencies, and rushing to scenes of criminal violence. 

As she learned more about the SFD, she became concerned that the department needs resources beyond what the city budget can provide. Debbie channeled her concern into action, working closely with Fire Chief Harold Scoggins and other community leaders to create the Seattle Fire Foundation on March 20, 2019.

Every city is challenged with a lack of resources. A nonprofit foundation allows the community to raise supplemental funds for the department needs. These include:

·       Additional protective equipment, such as ballistic gear

·       School and community educational programs about fire and disaster preparedness

·      Preservation of the storied history of the Seattle Fire Department

Today the Seattle Fire Foundation is a civic success story, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the brave women and men of the SFD. The Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization with no overhead, which allows for over 98% of our donations to go directly to the cause. It’s a statistic few nonprofits can match. But the need continues. Your generosity today can make a difference in the life of a firefighter—and in the quality of life in our city.