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Ballistic Sets

Donate to life saving ballistic sets

"The Seattle Fire Department is committed to getting to any patient, in any condition, in any circumstance. Whether they're in the Puget Sound, sick from contagious disease, or in a burning building, we will do whatever is possible to meet this commitment. Oftentimes, however, these circumstances require special training and special protection. Prior to the Columbine High School Shooting (1999), it was customary for the Emergency Medical Services to wait until law enforcement had completely cleared the scene before triaging, treating, and extracting the victims. In large-scale incidents, this could take over an hour; time that critically injured patients could not afford. In the years after Columbine, we realized that with proper training, equipment, and protection, EMS could enter the scene much earlier saving precious time.

Having proper ballistic protection is an essential piece of the protection element. It protects the firefighters and gives them and their law enforcement escorts piece-of-mind about entering these scenes early and rescuing a highly vulnerable patient population. The Seattle Fire Department is committed to get ballistic protection for all of the operations positions in the Fire Department but we remain short of our goal. The acquisition of this equipment has only come about through the joint commitment of the Seattle Fire Deparment and the Seattle Fire Foundation and we look forward to working closely with the Foundation to close this gap."

Michael Mann, Fire Fighter

The SFF has donated 70 ballistic sets thanks to our generous donors but more sets are needed. Seattle has been experiencing a sharp increase in violent crimes such as Lake City shooting, Westlake shooting and most recently the Pine Street shooting. We need to protect our firefighters and paramedics so that they can safely provide medical care to victims of these crimes.